James is a filmmaker and photographer living in Brooklyn, NY. He studied photography at Bard College with Stephen Shore and Barbara Ess. His thesis, a series of self-portraits was exhibited at the Curt Marcus Gallery, NY, NY and published in Big Magazine. The self portraits were used in a National Billboard Campaign in France, called "Jean-Patrick", and appeared on 12,000 billboards throughout the country. James was an early contributor to Vice Magazine, Tiny Vices and Blackbook Magazine.

James founded and ran Kendi Ties a men’s clothing line from 2006-2010 and used photography and video to create the unique brand identity. The line was carried in Barney’s New York, Opening Ceremony, Rogan, United Bamboo, and Colette, Paris. Articles appeared in the New York Times, and GQ amongst other publications.

In 2010 James started making narrative films. “Crocker” is a 16 minute narrative short, starring India Menuez and explores elements of teen delusion, misplaced emotions, and small town drudgery.

James is currently developing a feature film “Mine to Kill” with Paul Banks, the singer of Interpol playing the lead role. Mine To Kill, is an existential thriller, and was a finalist in the 2011 Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab and currently in pre-production.

James Kendi | | +1-917-478-5606