Mine to Kill, Teaser Film, 2012.
Mine to Kill is a thriller starring Paul Banks, the singer of Interpol, in his debut acting role and the actress India Menuez. Mike Stroud of Ratatat is composing the original soundtrack. Mine to Kill is currently in pre-production and will be shot in 2015. The original screenplay, co-written by James Kendi and Jeff Kinkle was a semi-finalist in the Sundance Screenwriters Lab.

Geoffrey Kendle has the perfect life. A hip career in advertising. A beautiful girlfriend. A great apartment. So why does he feel dead inside? When a chance encounter with a beautiful woman results in an attempt on his life, Geoffrey goes on the run. Cut off from everyone and everything he's ever known, he is surprised to find a sense of peace and satisfaction in fugitive life. But his brief happiness is shattered when his assailant tracks him down and forces him to discover what he's really running from.

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Teaser written and directed by James Kendi, Photographed by Rommel Genciana, Edited by Dan Fetherston. Set Design by Jesse Kaufmann.